Monday, August 29, 2011

fall at emersonmade

How cute is EmersonMade's new Fall lineup? I have a few of their pieces and would love to add a few more to my closet.

Super styling hounds tooth coat—I prefer the collar popped! These jeans are great too, and I really appreciate the fact that their jeans don't show any signs of awful, factory-made distressing (in really odd places, where jeans never, ever wear naturally).

This coat is based on a 1960's day coat, and you can remove the collar for two different looks. I have this skirt in mustard, but the red is lovely too. Bonus: it has pockets!

Oh, and they have a new Emerson Basics line: you can buy a bag of three tees, leggings, tanks, etc., for $38! Not bad, eh? I love the cut of the tank. Sexy, no?

P.S. Isn't Pedro THE cutest?


c said...

Pedro and my dog, George, need to hang out! Love all of the looks you chose -- I need a pair of those cigarette pants!

Designs Good said...

Thanks, C!
They definitely need to hang out!

Eva said...

I love you blog! Interesting posts and great finds! : )

Designs Good said...

Hi Eva, thanks for your kind words and for following along. Emerson makes the loveliest clothes!

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