Wednesday, July 6, 2011

box it up

I can't say that I remember the last time I went on a proper picnic, but I do know that next time I want to bring along Boxsal's fashionable picnic in a box!

Boxsal, based in Dallas, Texas, makes these super-cool, eco-friendly picnic boxes. Each box is made of post-consumer pulp and packed with compostable utensils, plates, cups and napkins.

You can use the box again and again, as a picnic box or for storage, and once you've beat the heck out of it, you can recycle it! According to their site, each Boxsal comfortably accommodates a bottle of wine and nibbles.

So, pack up that box and get picnicking!

Via Gilt Taste


Anonymous said...

loved so much your blog!! xx Gege

Designs Good said...

Hi Gege, thanks so much! Please follow me if you would like!

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