Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Girl Effect

Watch this.

The Girl Effect


The Editor said...

Nice video.
Too fast also. Feels as if the editor was trying to save time.

@ Developing countries:

The problem in developing countries is in a way tricky. Its mostly related to sex in conservative world. Working girls are more likely do it with Mr X before marriage or outside marriage which is why people tend not to let girls work so much.

Another amazing problem in the Indian subcontinent is jobs. Countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan are more interested in war than anything else. Jobs can wait but killing people - no thats important for them. So if there are no jobs for men in such world, forget about women even getting the chance to show their skills.

Future is going to better, pace of things getting better.. thats a different story.


Designs Good said...

Thanks for the interesting perspective.

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